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Installation Considerations for Check Valves

Check valve, also known as one-way valve or non-return valve, is used to prevent the backflow of media in pipelines. The bottom valve of a water pump when it is shut off for suctioning water is also a type of check valve. The valve is opened or closed by the flow of media and its own force to prevent media backflow, which is called a check valve. Check valves belong to the automatic valve category and are mainly used in pipelines where the media flows in one direction, allowing the media to flow in only one direction to prevent accidents.

Classification of check valves

Classified by structure, check valves can be divided into three types: lift-type check valve, rotary check valve, and wafer check valve. The lift-type check valve can be divided into two types: vertical lift check valve and horizontal lift check valve. Classified by materials, check valves can be divided into bronze check valve and brass one way check valve.

The rotary check valve can be divided into three types: single-disc check valve, double-disc check valve, and multi-disc check valve. The wafer check valve is a straight-through type check valve. The above check valves can be classified into three types according to the connection form: threaded check valve, flanged check valve, and welded check valve. Contact Carbo bronze valve factory for more custom selections products.

Attention should be paid to the following when installing check valves

  • Do not let the check valve bear weight in the pipeline. Large check valves should be independently supported to avoid the influence of pressure generated by the pipeline.

  • Pay attention to the direction of media flow during the installation of check valves to ensure that it is consistent with the direction indicated on the valve body.

  • The vertical lift check valve should be installed on a vertical pipeline.

  • The horizontal lift check valve should be installed on a horizontal pipeline.

What is a vertical lift check valve?

The vertical lift check valve is widely used in systems that require the prevention of media backflow, such as the water pump outlet, hot water replenishment end, and the centrifugal water pump suction end.

Its function is to prevent the various consequences that may occur due to media backflow. For example, if a vertical lift check valve is not installed at the outlet of a water pump, the high-speed backflow water during a sudden shutdown of the water pump will cause great impact on the water pump impeller; if a vertical lift check valve (bottom valve) is not installed at the suction end of the centrifugal pump, the pump needs to be filled every time it is started.

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