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Push Ball Valve

Because the push to connect flanged bronze ball valve is designed and manufactured with a push rod connection, push ball valve is ideal for service and maintenance work in tight spaces. Install push button ball valve on wet pipelines quickly to stop the flow of water. There are no special tools, crimping, glue, or welding required. Professionals can enter, complete repairs, and move on to the next job because push fit ball valve is compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT, and HDPE pipes. Push to connect ball valve has a wide range of ball valve options, including antifreeze brass water heater drain ball valve and spool valves. The spool valve allows for removing two inches of copper or CPVC pipe from an existing pipe.

Push Ball Valve Details:

Ball valve rating: 200PSI

Pushfit connection rating: maximum working pressure 232PSI

Max temperature 203oF (95oC)

Designed specifically for use in COPPER (PEX/CPVC) piping system

Pushfit ends comply with ASSE1061

Applied only for water

Push Ball Valve Specifications

  • Push Ball Valve

    Push Ball Valve

    Product CodeSizeCLH
    1BPA0041/2" Pushfit92.57543
    1BPA0063/4" Pushfit92.59146.5
    1BPA0081" Pushfit106110.561.5

  • Push Ball Valve

    Push Ball Valve

    Category 1 CodeCategory 2 CodeSizeCLH
    1BPAa041BPAb041/2" Pushfit3.64"2.95"1.69"
    1BPAa061BPAb063/4" Pushfit3.64"3.58"1.83"
    1BPAa081BPAb081" Pushfit4.17"4.35"2.42"

How To Make Push Ball Valve

A new electric mechanical ball valve is often used as a liquid breaking device. It can be operated quickly and easily, and has only a small liquid resistance when it is opened. This motorized ball valve is designed to apply torque to the shaft head when the ball valve is operated. A flat square head is inserted into the long groove on the ball and turned. The gap between the flat square head and the groove is small, and the gap in the length direction is large. In this way, the industrial OEM ball valve can be prevented from sliding down when it is closed, and the fluid pressure will evenly form a seal; the positioning pin and the limit plate form an operating position in the open and close positions; adopt a flat-head valve stem and handle. The connection will not be misaligned. So as to ensure that the handle indicates the switch shape.

How To Make Push Ball Valve

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