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Cold Expansion Ball Valve

In the field of valves, cold expansion ball valve is a top-mounted ball valve with a thermal expansion and contraction compensation structure, including a valve body, a valve ball, a valve seat and a valve cover. This new OEM ball valve is characterized in that: the valve seat is a single-end beveled valve seat, an expansion and contraction compensation structure including a spring. And a wedge-shaped engagement ring is arranged between the end and the valve orifice in the mechanical ball valve body. The spring is sleeved on the guide post-fixed outside the long wall of the wedge-shaped joint ring, and the free end of the spring extends into the blind hole on the valve cover. As a professional bronze ball valve supplier, we try to solve the technical problem that the industrial ball valve will not be stuck due to too high working temperature and leaking due to too low working temperature cold water expansion valve leaking. Contact us now for more info about the brass ball valve price!

Cold Expansion Ball Valve Details:

Ball valve rating: 200PSI

Designed specifically for use in PEX pipe ball valve system

PEX end designed to ASTM F1960

Applied only for water

Cold Expansion Ball Valve Working Principle

  • Cold Expansion Ball Valve

    Cold Expansion Ball Valve

    Here is the ball valve working principle. By sensing the superheat of the gaseous refrigerant at the evaporator's outlet, the thermal expansion pex ball valve with locking arrangement controls the ball valve flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. 

    Bronze pressure regulator is classified as external balance or internal balance based on their balance methods. Externally compressed air ball expansion valves are commonly found in industrial cooling equipment. The thermal expansion valve is made up of a sensing mechanism, an implementing mechanism, an adjusting mechanism, and a valve body. 

  • Carbo Cold Expansion Ball Valve

    Carbo Cold Expansion Ball Valve

    The induction mechanism is filled with a freon working medium, and the temperature sensing bulb is installed at the evaporator's outlet. The temperature difference between the outlet temperature and the evaporation temperature is referred to as superheating. 

    When the temperature sensing bulb detects the evaporator's outlet temperature, the entire sensing system is at the corresponding saturation pressure Pb. The force will be transmitted to the valve core via the ejector rod via the diaphragm.

How To Fix A Leaking Industrial New Ball Valve?

As a professional bronze valve factory, Carbo provides you with several tips for fixing the ball valve connection problem. Check for ball valve leaking internally by turning the leaking ball valve on and off two or three times to dislodge any sediment that could compromise the washers and cause them to fail to seal correctly. Check for leaks in two spots after they've been tightened. When the stem handle reaches the valve body, brass ball valve leaking from handle indicating that a packing nut is not properly sealed. A stem washer that isn't sealing properly is leaking at the faucet.

To prevent packing nut brass valve leaking at seam: First, turn the gland nut or packing nut just below the handle. Second, close the valve but keep the main water supply running. You can keep track of leaks this way. Then turn the packing nut in a clockwise direction until the leakage stops. The packing gasket must be replaced if the leak persists. If your faucet drips, you'll need to replace the stem gasket. We also have backflow preventer for sale that is targeted at preventing the water backflow. Contact us if you are interested!

How To Fix A Leaking Industrial New Ball Valve?

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