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Pex Ball Valve

The half inch and 1 inch pex ball valve provided by Carbo, a professional pex ball valve factory, has good wear resistance. The reason for the OEM ball valve wear resistance is that the valve core when it is sealed is welded with alloy steel, and its sealing ring is also welded with alloy steel. In addition, ball valve for pex pipe has good sealing performance, and the reliability of the sealing performance of the China bronze ball valve is extremely high, because its sealing is manual running-in, and it can only be done when the pex ball valve core and the sealing ring completely match. The switch of pex ball valves for sale is light, and the bottom of its sealing ring has a spring between the valve core and the sealing ring. If you want to know more about the pex ball valve cost, please contact us!


Pex Ball Valve Details:

Ball valve rating: 400PSI

Designed specifically for use in PEX piping system

PEX end designed to ASTM F1807

Ball valves designed to IGC157

Applied only for water

Solder ends comply with ANSI B16.18

Butterfly handle available for 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''

Allows draining of the non-pressure side of valve when closed

Pex Ball Valve Specifications

  • Pex Ball Valve

    Pex Ball Valve

    Product CodeSizeDCLH
    2BXD0041/2" PEX x Solder with Drain98062.541.5
    2BXD0063/4" PEX x Solder with Drain159277.543
    2BXD0081" PEX x Solder with Drain209286.546

  • Pex Ball Valve

    Pex Ball Valve

    Product   CodeSizeDCLH
    2BXC0041/2" PEX x Solder9805741.5
    2BXC0063/4" PEX x Solder15926843
    2BXC0081" PEX x Solder20928246

  • Pex Ball Valve

    Pex Ball Valve

    Product   CodeSizeDCLH
    2BXB0041/2" PEX with Drainr10837038.5
    2BXB0063/4" PEX with Drainr1592.577.543
    2BXB0081" PEX with Drainr2092.588.546.5
    2BXF0041/2" PEX with Drain and Butterfly Handle10837038.5
    2BXF0063/4" PEX with Drain and Butterfly Handle1592.577.543
    2BXF0081" PEX with Drain and Butterfly Handle2092.588.546.5

  • Pex Ball Valve

    Pex Ball Valve

    Product   CodeSizeDCLH
    2BXA0041/2" PEX10836238.5
    2BXA0063/4" PEX1592.56943
    2BXA0081" PEX2092.58346.5
    2BXA0101-1/4" PEX221079964
    2BXA0021/2" MINI Brass PEX10836238.5
    2BXE0041/2" PEX with Butterfly Handle1592.56943
    2BXE0063/4" PEX with Butterfly Handle2092.58346.5
    2BXE0081" PEX with Butterfly Handle221079964

Pex Ball Valve FAQs

Pex Ball Valve FAQs FAQS
  • Pex Ball Valve FAQs What is a pex ball valve?

    Pex ball valve is a kind of valve, this expansion pex ball valve is driven by the valve stem by the opening and closing part and rotates around the axis of the ball valve to realize the control and adjustment function of the fluid. The different types that we provide include pex ball valve with bleeder, pex mini ball valve, pex pipe ball valve, pex to copper ball valve and so on.

  • Pex Ball Valve FAQs How do you secure a pex ball valve?

    Regardless of whether the pex ball valve is online or not, the installed pex valves should be opened and closed several times at an interval of 1 to 3 months to keep the small brass valve in a smooth, normal and good state. When closing and opening operations, the operating lever should be in a vertical state, with steady force, and the operation is in place.

  • Pex Ball Valve FAQs Can you reuse pex valves?

    Whether the Pex valves can be reused depends on the wear of the valve. If the wear is not serious and does not affect its function, it can be reused. If the damage is severe, it cannot be reused. If you are not sure about the damage of your Pex valves, please contact us.

Tips For Valve Connection

The valve connected by pipe thread is connected with the pipe thread of the pipe end. The internal thread can be a cylindrical pipe thread or a tapered pipe thread, and the external thread must be a tapered pipe thread.

As for valve connection, you need to control the length of the external thread of the pipe end. In order to prevent the pipe end from being excessively screwed in to press the inner end surface of the thread of the gate valve pipe, the valve seat will be deformed and the sealing performance will be affected.

For valve connection, when installing and tightening, you need to wrench the hexagonal or octagonal part on the same end of the thread, and should not wrench the hexagonal or octagonal part on the other end of the valve to avoid deformation of the valve.

Tips For Valve Connection

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