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How to Repair the Brass Ball Valves for Water?

How to Repair the Brass Ball Valves for Water?

  • Repair the Brass Ball Valve1

    Carbo, a professional brass ball valve factory, is here to provide you with several tips on repairing the brass ball valve. When the brass ball valve is leaking, you should first find out the cause of the brass check valve leakage and the specific location of the water leak. If the cause of the ball valve leak and the location of the water leak are different, the treatment method will be different, so we should repair according to the actual situation of the brass ball valve for water.

  • Repair the Brass Ball Valve2

    If it is because the handle of the pex pipe ball valve is not closed properly, the ball valve cannot be closed tightly, and there is a water leakage problem, then the handle of the ball valve needs to be removed, and then the handle is corrected with pliers, and then the handle is installed back. Generally, water leakage problem can be solved. 

  • Repair the Brass Ball Valve3

    If it is because the valve core of the ball valve is rusted to death, the ball valve cannot be closed tightly, and there is a water leakage problem, then it is generally difficult to repair. You can only try to remove the ball valve, and then drop some lubricating oil into the valve core position. To see if the rust death problem can be solved. If the problem cannot be solved, then you can only directly replace with a new brass pressure reducer of the same specification and model.

  • Repair the Brass Ball Valve4

    If the ball valve is damaged, it can only be replaced directly with a new ball valve. Before replacing the brass ball valve, you need to go to a hardware store or buy brass ball valve  from China with the same specifications and model as the old ball valve online. If the owner will not replace the ball valve, it is best to ask a professional to come to help replace it, so as to avoid problems.

  • Repair the Brass Ball Valve5

    Once the ball valve leaks, but the owner fails to repair or replace it in time, the water leakage of the ball valve will become more and more serious. Over time, it will affect the life of the owner and may also cause economic losses. So the advice of a professional bronze ball valve supplier is to make sure to repair the water leakage of the ball valve in time.

How to install a brass ball valve?


    Ensure that the installation position of the ball valve and the pipeline are in a coaxial position. The two flanges on the pipeline should be kept parallel. Confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the push ball valve. If it is found that the pipeline cannot bear the weight of the ball valve, provide corresponding support for the pipeline before installation.


    Confirm whether there are impurities, welding slag, etc. In the pipeline, and the it must be purged clean.


    Check the nameplate of the ball valve, and perform full-open and full-close operations on the ball valve for pex pipe several times to confirm that the valve can work normally, and then check all the details of the valve thoroughly to ensure that the valve is intact.


    Remove the protective covers at both ends of the valve, check whether the valve body is clean, and clean the inner cavity of the valve body. Since the sealing surface of the brass water heater drain ball valve is spherical, even tiny debris may cause damage to the sealing surface.

Matters Needing Attention When lnstalling the Ball Valve

  • Any section of the ball valve can be installed at the upstream end, and the handle brass valve for water can be installed at any position of the pipeline. If the ball valve of the actuator (such as gear box, electro-pneumatic actuator) is configured, it must be installed vertically, and the inlet and outlet of the valve are on horizontal location.

    Matters Needing Attention When lnstalling the Ball Valve
  • Install a gasket between the ball valve flange and the pipeline flange according to the pipeline design requirements.

    Matters Needing Attention When lnstalling the Ball Valve
  • The bolts on the flange need to be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.

    Matters Needing Attention When lnstalling the Ball Valve
  • If the push fit ball valve adopts pneumatic or electric actuators, complete the installation of air source and power supply according to the instructions.

    Matters Needing Attention When lnstalling the Ball Valve

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